10 Months a Startup

Why would I work 80 hour weeks earning a fraction of what I earned working at a supermarket?

The answer is not the shares we get in the company, well it’s partially that.

Graduating at the end of last year, I never thought I would land up working my first job at a startup. From 16yrs old I’ve worked the shift jobs at supermarkets and dispatch warehouses, being on time, having set breaks, just doing the same routine day in and day out. Those were always side jobs to university or school, however in the summer I got the taste of a “full time” 40 hour week, something I laugh back at… I’m sitting here on a Thursday night at about 9pm with my black coffee and one sugar typing this out because I enjoy it. If you told me this a year ago I would have never believed you. Startup culture is strange, I never understood it at first and 10 months in it’s hard to say I still fully do. I feel like someone gave me a bicycle with rockets strapped to it but then handed me the remote to control it. You don’t realise what you can really do until you are dumped in the deep end trying not to drown. If you ever get the chance to join a startup with enthusiastic people I can tell you now you would never regret it, it really brings out the everything in you. 

  • You discover your REAL potential
  • Thinking about vesting shares in a company this early puts your life into perpective very quickly!
  • If it all works out (knock on wood) then you land yourself in a senior position with very valuble shares of a very well funded company
  • If it all crashes to the ground horrendously, you will walk out with the best CV and brains much better than any other junior position or internship could offer you
  • Your emotional strength gets solidified (imagine shipping a product to your first major customer and there’s a problem with the feature that YOU implemented!)
  • On that note, it really strengthens you not just in your work, but in everyday life aswell, no challenge is too big
  • The clock in and out days are over! Just get the work done, that’s all the matters (this varies from company to company, but it’s what I experienced)

I have no regrets about joining this company, but it did not come without sacrafices, I miss my family and friends in my home city. I see them every so often but not as often as I could without working this job, I could have more time to watch movies and play games or go out. I like the comparrison of a startup to a olympian, they have crazy strict diets and rigorous exersize plans working to be the best. It’s the same here, if it was easy then everyone would do it right? As some final advice, take a startup, especially if you are young (12 – 18yrs) and run with it, if you are older still run with it! It’s an experience I could not imagine my life without.

Thank you again for stopping by!

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