Who am I? It’s not important who I am, its about who you are, you are reading this blog but for those of you who are curious I can talk a bit about myself first.

I am a 22 years old (at the time) recently graduated Software Engineer from New Zealand where I moved on to work at a tech startup, I’m now looking for something else. When I started working at this tech startup I was pushed beyond anything I thought I could do, which came as a result of unreasonable expectations and being surrounded by people that were so much smarter than I was, who themselves had barely touched their first year of university.

So I soon realised how much I missed by skimming through most of high school my own degree coasting through and not aiming high enough. After starting to manage the long hours constantly being forced to learn the new ways or be left behind, I looked to every persons last hope, The Internet.

I looked up how to be smarter, hoping for some pills or magic spell to help me, unfortunately we haven’t perfected that yet so I landed up with a simple choice: read. Read a lot. I still recommend that to you as It’s what I am doing now as well. This blog is very young but I have high hopes it will prosper, hopefully even taking guest submissions from you when you want to share with the world what you have learnt!

I started this blog after reading Soft Skills by John Sonmez, who recommended doing just that as it provides 2 major components

  1. Something to instantly show potential employers
  2. An aid to concrete your learning

The second point is what I want to focus on, as the first is pretty self explanatory. When you learn something, after reading a book, watching a tutorial or listening in a lecture the cherry on top is to teach someone else what you have learnt. It builds your confidence of what you just learnt and also helps the other person!

That is the main point of this blog, enough of an intro, get into the first blog!

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