Learn to Learn

This post is about how to face a problem that you don’t know how to start, a problem so massive that you don’t know half the words in the title!

Influenced by Soft Skills by John Sonmez I though it would be appropriate to start of this blog with the book that inspired me to to this in the first place. Generally I’ve found over the years the most common solution sounds the cheesiest and most obvious, however there are some little tips and tricks that can help you along the way. The TL;DR above shows what to do, I aimed to try do this blog to be consise and to the point, then do a more detailed bit below. After dealing with this problem every other day it has occured to me that something you learn to do is become fearless (again, so much cheese, I’m sorry….) don’t let the problem scare you. One of the biggest fears of people is fear of the unknown, and that is very present in other works not just software engineering. I accept work all the that I dont know I can complete, fortunately my workplace accomodates for this as the culture is very interesting, something I’ll talk about a bit more later. That’s probably where I will leave this post for now, I’ll talk more about the agile process because that’s how it looks like I’ll structure my blog too. Anyway thank you for reading, see ya soon!


  • relax, breathe, you can do it
  • have an end goal
  • do some basic tutorials if you can
  • read the wikipedia articles on the topic
  • focus on the task for 20 -30min at a time
  • take a break
  • don’t be scared about the task, it can’t hurt you
  • teach/write about it, share your knowledge

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