No Question is too Stupid

Just a short post I want to make because this situation happens too often in the world.

“You were once in that same position”

Remembering back to school days I was always got so fustrated when a teacher would think I was making a joke or being stupid for asking simple questions. Truth was that I genuinely didn’t know and for a long time it really shot me down. After a while I built up some kind of resistence to not let it get to me and I would always keep asking. If someone really insults you for not knowing something, a pro tip is to just laugh it up, drops the tension maybe the person just has had a rough day and they didn’t mean to snap on you. If there is one thing in the world that you need for a successful life I would have to say that curiousity really is the driving factor. So never dismiss someone’s question it makes them not want to ask more.

Big minds, not egos.

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