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This post originates from back when I felt there was an issue in my life, there was something wrong. As any programmer (developer? engineer? I like programmer) does in a crisis firstly I sat back objectively and analysed my life situation, turns out the reason I was down was because I felt like I wasn’t getting as much work done as I thought I could. Now, I came to the simple and elegant solution that I need to get more work done, sounded less idealistic in my head but it’s actually a good start. Finding the correct problem to fix means you wont be hitting a nail with a screwdriver, there are many avenues to pursue on how to get more work done:

  • productivity
  • attitude
  • knowledge
  • skills

These four concepts are the first that come to mind, this will differ from person to person and usually you lack two or three of them. For me it felt like I lacked the knowledge and skills, I previously had learnt how to focus at work and be more efficient at getting the problem fixed but if I don’t have the technical skills to complete the task then it doesn’t work out too well! So I found reading to be my solution. There are online tutorials and interactive learning tools that are far more proven to engage you better and you can learn much faster! Yes that is correct, unfortunately some very good advice can only be found in certain pages for whatever reason they have not been published in a more modern material. It’s not the end of the world though, reading is very therapeutic especially when your after-lunch-but-before-clock-out-time laziness kicks in. Due to a combination of your sleep cycle, that heavy lunch and your morning coffee wearing out, this time of day is usually the least  productive, perfect for taking a break from your computer to sit outside in the sun and gain some knowledge points! I highly suggest to plan some goals of something as simple as ten minutes set aside each day to open up one of the great past times (recommendations below based on my expert googling skills) and I guarantee that you will not regret it!

Best books for programmers

  • The Pragmatic Programmer (best to start with!) [I have read this myself]
  • Programming Pearls (a bit older and more technical but can still translated to current times) [I have read this myself]
  • Soft Skills (everything outside of the computer) [I have read this myself]
  • Code Complete (2) (the encyclopedia of everything code, warning: it’s massive)
  • Mythical Man Month (old but gold)
  • Clean Code
  • The Clean Coder
  • Cracking the Coding Interview
  • Design Patterns Free Site Here

There are many more but these are some of the best, happy learning!

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